iMessage Revenue and Growth Statistics

As of 2022, it was estimated that there were 1.3 billion iMessage users globally. Although this portion of the market accounts for a significant share (16.25%), what is truly intriguing are the signs suggesting that this figure will keep expanding. This article will analyze the latest statistics on iMessage revenue and growth, providing insights into why this messaging platform is gaining popularity amongst users.

iMessage in Brief — Key Statistics

iMessage Revenue and Growth Statistics
Initial Release Date October 12, 2011 
Headquarters 1 Apple Park Way, Cupertino, California, U.S.A 
DevelopersApple Inc. 
Supported PlatformsiPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac 
Operating system(s) iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS 
Available languages 12 languages 

iMessage: Number of Users

iMessage: Number of Users
YearNumber of Users
20221.3 billion users
20211.08 billion users
2020 895.57 million users 
2019 743.32 million users 
2018616.96 million users 
2017512 million users
2016425 million users
2015 352.77 million users 
2014 292.79 million users 
2013 243 million users 
2012 201.71 million users 

According to recent estimates, the number of iMessage users worldwide reached an impressive milestone of 1.3 billion in 2022. [1] This remarkable growth can be attributed to Apple’s global popularity as a leading technology company renowned for creating devices that individuals across the globe love.

With its reputation for seamless messaging experiences, iMessage has consistently maintained its popularity and attracted a vast user base. Its intuitive features and convenient functionalities have made it a preferred choice among users, fostering seamless communication and connection on a global scale.

iMessage Percentage Usage by Country

iMessage Percentage Usage by Country
CountryPercentage of iMessage Brand AwarenessPercentage of iMessage PopularityPercentage of iMessage Usage Share
United States 71% 35% 34% 
United Kingdom 76% 34% 33.00% 
Germany 55%14%12.00% 
Others 67% 27% 26.00% 

In the year 2022, it was truly uplifting to witness the widespread awareness and adoption of the iMessage app among users not only in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, but also in various other nations around the globe. The seamless communication experience and innovative features offered by iMessage captivated users, revolutionizing the way people connect and interact across borders.

Moreover, the usage of iMessage has experienced significant growth in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and various others. This notable increase in popularity has allowed iMessage to capture a larger portion of the instant messaging market, solidifying its position as a leading platform for seamless communication and connection.

As more users embrace the convenience and features offered by iMessage, its impact on the digital landscape continues to expand, transforming the way people interact and share information across borders and time zones. [2,3,4]

iMessage Monthly Active Users

iMessage, the popular messaging app, boasts a staggering number of approximately 1.3 billion monthly active users. [5]

This impressive user base signifies that every month, there are over 1 billion individuals who actively engage with the app, simply by opening it, regardless of whether they are sending messages or not.

Such widespread adoption and usage highlights the pervasive presence and importance of iMessage in the digital communication landscape.

Percentage of People using iMessage in the World

YearNumber of iMessage UsersWorld Population% of iMessage Users’ by World Population
20221.3 billion users 8 billion people 16.25% 
2021 1.08 billion users7.88 billion people13.71% 
2020 895.57 million users7.82 billion people 11.45% 
2019 743.32 million users 7.74 billion people9.60%
2018616.96 million users 7.66 billion people8.05%
2017 512 million users7.60 billion people6.74% 
2016425 million users 7.49 billion people5.67%
2015 352.77 million users 7.40 billion people 4.77%
2014 292.79 million users7.31 billion people4.01% 
2013 243 million users7.22 billion people 3.37% 
2012 201.71 million users7.14 billion people 2.83% 

As of 2022, around 16.25% of the world’s population, which is approximately 8 billion people, are actively using iMessage. This marks a substantial increase compared to 2012 when the percentage of iMessage users was significantly lower, standing at just 2.83%. [6]

The rise in iMessage usage over the years reflects the growing popularity and widespread adoption of this messaging platform, highlighting its impact on global communication trends.

Number of messages exchanged on iMessage Every Day

Number of messages exchanged on iMessage Every Day
DurationNumber of Messages
Every Minute 5.8 million messages 
Every Hour 350 million messages
Every Day 8.4 billion messages 
Every Month 252 billion messages 
Every Year 3 trillion messages 

According to a recent study conducted by a team of researchers, active users of instant messaging applications receive and send an average of 41 messages per day. This finding provides valuable insights into the communication habits of individuals in today’s digital age.

Furthermore, when considering the specific context of iMessage users who participated in the initial survey, the study reveals that, on average, each iMessage user sends approximately 7 messages per day exclusively on the iMessage platform. This statistic highlights the significant role that iMessage plays in the lives of its users, given its impressive 17% market share in the highly competitive instant messaging industry. [7]

It is fascinating to note that this translates to a staggering 8.4 billion messages exchanged on the iMessage platform each day, showcasing the immense popularity and widespread usage of this messaging service. These numbers truly underscore the impact and influence that iMessage has in shaping modern-day communication patterns.


iMessage has established itself as a formidable player in the instant messaging sector, with impressive usage and growth statistics. Its widespread adoption is a testament to its effectiveness, highlighting the platform’s integral role in daily communication. As we continue to embrace digital communication, iMessage is poised to shape our conversational landscape further.



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