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OnlyFans, a British subscription-based video-on-demand and social media network serves as a platform for content creators to upload videos and engage with subscribers in the creator economy. Subscribers pay creators through monthly installments, one-time tips, or pay-per-view, with the company retaining 20% of these fees.

While predominantly used by pornographic creators, OnlyFans also attracts creators in various fields such as chefs, fitness trainers, and musicians. As of May 2023, it boasts 3 million registered creators and 220 million registered consumers. With approximately 1,000 employees, 80% of whom focus on content moderation and support, OnlyFans reported 2021 revenues of US$932 million. CEO Keily Blair leads the company, owned by Fenix International Limited.[1]

As we delve deeper into OnlyFans, we’ll explore its revenue and growth, user demographics, and more. We’ll uncover the intricacies that contribute to OnlyFans’ status as a groundbreaking force in the realm of online content subscription services. 

OnlyFans Overview

OnlyFans Statistics
Business typePrivate
IndustryVideo hosting service
FoundedNovember 2016
Parent companyFenix International Limited
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
FounderTim Stokely
Key peopleKeily Blair (CEO)
Revenue US$ 2.5 billion (2022)
Registered creators3 million (May 2023) [2]
Registered users220 million (May 2023)[1]

OnlyFans Revenue

OnlyFans Revenue
2018$5.8 million
2019$97 million
2020$375 million
2021$1.2 billion
2022$2.5 billion (projected) [3]

On OnlyFans, creators have the option to share exclusive content with their audience in exchange for payment. The platform operates on a commission model, where OnlyFans takes a 20% cut of the earnings made by creators. This commission is allocated to cover the expenses associated with payment processing and service hosting. OnlyFans, introduced in 2016, had reported gross revenues of 238 million British pounds in 2019. [4]

Notably, OnlyFans has experienced remarkable revenue growth, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 174.3% over the last three years (2018-2021). In 2020, OnlyFans’ net revenue reached $375 million, and it is anticipated to surge to an estimated $2.5 billion by 2022, marking an increase of over one billion from the previous year.[3]

OnlyFans Valuation

OnlyFans Valuation
2018$34.8 million
2019$582 million
2020$2.25 billion
2021$9.3 billion
2022$18 billion

What’s particularly intriguing is that OnlyFans is entirely self-funded, operating as a 100% bootstrapped company. This implies that they haven’t sought external investments. Consequently, the company’s valuation won’t be influenced by the funds raised, distinguishing it from many other tech companies.

Considering OnlyFans’ distinctive profile, it is anticipated that its valuation multiple will align with a 15x EBITDA multiple, a measure commonly used in the valuation of businesses. [3]

OnlyFans Users Statistics

OnlyFans Users Statistics
DateNumber of OnlyFans Users [12]
August 20197 million
January 202012 million
May 202030 million
October 202075 million
February 2021120 million
May 2021150 million
September 2021170 million
January 2023190 million
June 2023210 million

From 2019 to 2020, the platform experienced a remarkable surge in registered users, marking an extraordinary growth of over 510 percent. [5] Subsequently, between 2020 and 2022, the number of registered users, commonly referred to as “fans,” more than doubled. [6] The ongoing growth rate and Google search trends suggest that approximately 500,000 new users are joining OnlyFans daily. [7] As per SimilarWeb, OnlyFans maintains an average of 420 million users who engage with the platform every month. In terms of daily activity, OnlyFans has around 1.25 million users who are active daily. [8]

OnlyFans Demographics

CharacteristicAverage OnlyFans User [3]
Age29 years old
Annual Income$42,000 per year
Ethnicity68.9% likely white
Marital Status89.5% likely married
Sexual Orientation59% likely heterosexual

OnlyFans users by age

OnlyFans users by age
Age GroupSubscribersContent Creators

OnlyFans users by gender

OnlyFans users by gender
Not Specified3%

OnlyFans users by country

OnlyFans users by country

OnlyFans Creators Earnings

For creators, OnlyFans isn’t just a platform for exposure; it’s a viable source of income. The average creator earns $180/month in earnings before taxes, as estimated by XSRUS. [3] This income varies widely based on factors like follower count, content quality, and promotional efforts. However, these numbers demonstrate that OnlyFans is more than a platform—it’s a livelihood for many creators.

The platform’s success lies in its commitment to empowering creators and allowing them to capitalize on their unique skills and content. The highest 1% of the platform’s earners account for 33% of the overall gross merchandise value, whereas the top 10% collectively receive 73%. [3] In 2021, OnlyFans contributors generated a total gross merchandise volume of $12.5 billion, with the top 1% earning $4.125 billion in gross merchandise value during the same year.[3]

OnlyFans Content Statistics

OnlyFans Content Statistics
Content typePercentage of Creators

Ginger Banks, a sex worker and OnlyFans creator, conducted a poll revealing that photos dominate as the most popular content on OnlyFans, with 74.9% of producers offering images to their members. [11] Following closely, videos are the second most popular content type, with 62.5% of creators providing them to their subscribers.

The average monthly subscription cost on OnlyFans is $16.49, varying based on individual creators and their content offerings. Notably, the most prevalent subscription price range is between $10 and $20, chosen by 36.5% of artists.[11]

Factors Influencing Popular OnlyFans Accounts:

Content Quality: High-quality and engaging content plays a pivotal role in the success of OnlyFans accounts. Creators who deliver unique and compelling content tend to attract more subscribers and consequently earn higher incomes.

Promotion: Successful OnlyFans creators employ strategic promotion on external social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. This cross-platform promotion serves as a key method to attract a wider audience and increase subscriber numbers. [11]


In conclusion, the statistics surrounding OnlyFans offer a comprehensive view of its global impact, financial success, and user dynamics. OnlyFans’ continued growth, diversified content, and unique monetization model position it as a significant player in the evolving creator economy. As the platform continues to shape the digital landscape, staying informed about its statistics remains essential for those covering the dynamic world of online content creation.



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