How to Add Hyperlink to Email Signature: The Ultimate Guide

Do you feel disappointed when someone promises to reply to your email but responds late? Yes, it can sometimes be very frustrating.

Have you considered that the delay could be because they wanted to get to know you better, but couldn’t find your website or social media accounts anywhere? Did that get you thinking?

Well, then, this blog will give you a walkthrough on how to add a hyperlink to your email signature.

i) How to Insert a Hyperlink in Signature?

The easiest way to guide someone to your home page is by adding a clickable link in your email signature. Here are some common ways to do this:

1. In Gmail

Follow these steps to add a hyperlink to your Gmail signature:

  • Go to your Gmail and click on the settings icon in the screen’s upper right corner.
  • Select “See all settings”.
  • Scroll down to the “Signature” section.
  • In the signature editor, select the text or image you want to link.
  • Click on the “Link” icon and enter the URL you want to link to. Save your changes.

2. Outlook(Web & Desktop)

Follow these steps to add a hyperlink to your Outlook signature:

  • Open a new email and click on “Insert”. Select “Signature” and then “Signatures”.
  • Choose the signature you want to edit or create a new one.
  • Highlight the text or image you want to hyperlink, and click the “Insert Hyperlink” button.
  • Do not miss out on the URL you want to link and save your changes.

3. Microsoft 365 Outlook

Follow these steps to add a hyperlink to your Outlook (web) signature:

  • Go to Outlook(Microsoft 365) → Settings.
  • Select “Compose and reply” under the “Email” section.
  • In the “Email signature” section, you can format your signature and add hyperlinks.

4. Various Email Clients:

These are the basic steps for different email clients to create a hyperlink.

  • Go to your email signature settings.
  • Select the text or image you want to hyperlink.
  • Use the option to insert a hyperlink.
  • Next, enter the URL for which you want to create a hyperlink and save the changes.
  • Close the settings.

5. Using HTML Code:

You can also add hyperlinks to your signature manually if it is the only way provided by your email client. Follow these simple steps:

  • Using a text editor or an HTML editor, create an HTML Signature.
  • Add text and image URLs to your signature.
  • Click on email client settings and go to the source code view option.
  • Next, paste your HTML code to your email and save the changes.

ii) Why is an Email Signature Important?

An email signature is not merely your name and title. It is a visual representation of your brand that leaves a lasting impression on everybody you talk to online. Therefore, it must look professional and be visually appealing on all platforms.

An email signature generator tool like SignatureGenerator is worth considering if you want to create a personalized signature with hyperlinks for free.

How to Insert a Hyperlink in Signature Using SignatureGenerator?

Your email signature serves as a digital business card that represents you in the online world. It adds a professional touch to your email and provides the recipient with a convenient way to reach you.

To add a hyperlink to your email signature using SignatureGenerator, follow these steps:

1. Email Signature

Firstly, visit the website and click on the “Email Signature” feature to create an email signature.

2. Basic Details

Select a font style that looks professional and is simple to read. Enter your name and job title accurately.

3. Contact Information

Enter your contact details like your phone number, email address, and company address.

4. Logo/Image

Add a logo or image for brand recognition to make your signature more attractive.

5. Social Media Links

Tag your professional social media links/accounts such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to attract people to your profile. You can further engage with them on those platforms.

6. URL

Include your website or a link to your project as a promotional message to grab the attention of your client.

7. Keep it Short

Ensure that your email signature is concise like below and not too cluttered with unnecessary details.

7. Test and Customize

Customize it further, if you are not happy with the result. You can then copy your email signature to any email client or device to see how it looks on those platforms.

Now, you can add your email signature to Gmail with these steps:

  • Go to Gmail → Settings.
  • Click on Signatures→ Create new to create a new signature.
  • Paste your email signature, which you have just created.
  • Save the changes.
  • Compose mail and insert the signature to view your new signature with hyperlinks.

This is one of the easiest ways to add hyperlinks to your email signature for free without any technical hassles. Also, ensure that your images and logos are compatible with your email client application for a better result.


If you are interested in adding hyperlinks to your email signature for your recipients to reach you easily, then we have a solution that could be of assistance to you.

SignatureGenerator is your trustworthy friend for creating a professional-looking signature that reflects your personal style and brand.


1. What is SignatureGenerator?

SignatureGenerator is an online signature platform for creating personalized and professional-looking signatures for free.

2. Does the SignatureGenerator need a login/sign-up?

SignatureGenerator has a user-friendly interface that does not require a login or sign-up.

3. How do I add hyperlinks to email signatures in Email Signature Generator?

Email Signature Generator has fields to input multiple links like the URL of your website and social media links to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Enter those details and copy the signature to your email client like Google, Yahoo, etc.

4. I am not tech-savvy. How do I create an Email Signature without using code?

We got you covered. Our platform is indeed your best bet. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily create an email signature without any technical hassles.

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