Signature Analysis 101: What Your Signature Says About You

A signature or sign is a simple act of confirming your identity even in the age of facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and whatnot. Believe it or not, your humble signature reveals a lot about you and the way you think.

Signature analysis, a subset of handwriting analysis, can help uncover these hidden personality traits. So, here is a quick guide on signature analysis to help you analyze and uncover what your signature says about you.

But first, get a blank piece of paper. Sign on it! We’ll use this to see what your signature says about you.

The Science of Signature Analysis

Similar to handwriting analysis, signature analysis works on the principle or belief that your subconscious mind is responsible for your every action and behavior—including how you sign. Your signature can reveal insights into your thoughts, emotions, strengths, and weaknesses.

In fact, your signature can reveal a lot more about you than your handwriting. It is because it is less influenced by external factors and more reflective of your real self. Most importantly, it is almost impossible to imitate.

Analyzing Elements of Your Signature for Personality Insights

The size, shape, spacing, and other aspects play a crucial role in understanding a person’s signature. Even the tiniest bit of detail can reveal something about who you are as a person. Here’s a breakdown of each element:


The size of your signature indicates the confidence level and self-esteem you possess.

LargeUsually, it signifies high confidence levels and an optimistic outlook.
SmallThis can indicate a lack of self-confidence and assertiveness and a pessimistic approach to life.

That being said, one study found an interesting correlation between executives with larger signatures and their honesty. It was noted that CFOs with larger signatures are more likely to lie about the financial reports of their companies.


The angle of your signature also has a lot to reveal about your personality. It can shed light on how comfortable you are with others and how you interact with them.

Ascending (going upwards from left to right)It is associated with people who are forward-thinking and have an optimistic outlook.
Descending (going downwards from left to right)Such signatures can indicate that the person is a pessimist and isn’t comfortable (hesitant) meeting and interacting with new people.
StraightThis type of signature denotes a stable and balanced person.


Is your signature easy to read or difficult to decipher? Legibility is a crucial aspect of signature analysis.

Legible signatureA legible signature represents confidence, openness, and honesty.
Illegible signatureAn illegible signature shows quick decision-making, impulsiveness, and a reserved personality.

An Extra Touch to the Signature

People often add embellishments, such as hearts, flowers, or underlines, to their signatures. These extra touches, too, can reveal a lot about one’s personality.

FlowerFlower suggests an open and creative personality who enjoys being in the spotlight.
Long line at the endIt can signify determination, ambition, and a desire to be remembered.
UnderlineThis indicates a person who is aware of their vulnerability. However, they are still confident enough to stand out from the crowd.
HeartA heart in place of a title in ‘I’s would indicate a person open to love and affection. Such a person will likely be very supportive and loyal to those close to them.
No embellishmentA signature without extra touches suggests a practical, no-nonsense individual who does not need extra attention or recognition. Such individuals usually prefer substance over style.

Types of Signatures to Avoid

While signature analysis can be intriguing, it’s essential to understand that certain types of signatures are better avoided. These include:


Signatures with a strike-through (a line crossing through the signature) indicate self-sabotage and low self-confidence. It can also suggest unresolved inner conflicts in the person. These are often signs of needing to work on self-worth.

Tiny Signatures

A tiny signature can indicate a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. It can also suggest that the person doesn’t want to draw attention to themselves or is afraid to take up space.

Scribble Signatures

Scribble signatures are difficult to read. They often indicate a chaotic mind. These people may have difficulty focusing or organizing their thoughts and ideas. They may also struggle with decision-making and be impulsive.


While all-caps signatures may seem bold and confident, they can also indicate a need for control. These individuals may have perfectionist tendencies and struggle with giving up control in certain situations.

Signatures in the Digital Age

With the rise of technology and also digital signatures, you may wonder if traditional signature and signature analysis still hold any meaning. While there is certainly a shift toward digital signatures, traditional, hand-written signatures can still reveal a lot about you as a person.

It’s also essential to remember that digital signatures lack the same personal touch and uniqueness as handwritten ones. They also don’t offer the same opportunity for analysis because they are often standardized and lack personal style.

However, SignatureHow offers a digital signature tool that allows you to create digital signatures similar to how you would sign your name on paper, but using a trackpad or mouse. You can also type your name to generate a digital signature that closely resembles your handwriting.

The process at SignatureHow is also straightforward. You can simply visit the Signature Generator website and generate stunning, personalized digital signatures. The best part is that no signup or login is required, and the service is entirely free. Moreover, unlimited digital signatures can be generated and downloaded in PNG format. This makes it convenient for any digital document that needs your signature.

signature analysis


Your signature is more than just your name. It reflects your personality, mindset, and emotions. Understanding the various types of signatures can give you insight into your own self and others. This can enable you to communicate better and connect with those around you.

So, the next time you sign your name, take a moment to analyze it. Who knows what hidden messages it may hold? Also, remember your signature is unique to you, so embrace it and let it reflect the remarkable individual that you are.

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