How To Add Signature in Excel: The Ultimate Guide

Do you sometimes feel the urge to sign Excel sheets to ensure that your workbook has not been modified? Sounds like an idea, isn’t it?

This is precisely where online signatures come in handy. With an online signature generator, you can easily sign your documents from anywhere, anytime safely. This blog will give a simple walkthrough on how to add a signature in Excel.

How to Insert a Signature in Excel?

Online signature platforms and a few versions of Excel vary slightly, however, you can follow these general guidelines to add a signature:

1. Image Signature

You can add a signature in Excel using the ‘Images’ option by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Go to your Excel spreadsheet and select the location where you want to add your signature.

Step 2: Click on Insert —> Image.

Step 3: Select the ‘Insert an image in the cell’ option as shown below:

Step 4: Upload the signature image that you have already created and click OK.


2. Signature Line

A signature line in simple words makes space for others to sign your document online. This makes it easier for all people involved in the task to keep track of the signatures in the document.

It can include all the necessary details like name, title, etc., for the party to sign and share online. Here’s how you can add a signature to Excel using Signature Line:

Step 1: Choose the location on your Excel document where you want your signature to be positioned.

Step 2: Click on Insert ➜ Text ➜ Signature Line ➜ Signature Setup.

A popup box will appear with fields like the ‘Suggested Signer’, job title, etc. You can enter the name of the person who needs to sign the document and other details here.

Step 3: Insert your signature line into the Excel document by completing the Signature Setup fields and clicking “OK” as seen here.

Step 4: You can see a signature line inserted in your Spreadsheet displaying the recipient’s name along with the prompt “This document needs to be signed”.

Step 5: The recipient can sign the document and save it on the system or email it to the concerned party.

How to Add Signature in Excel from Other Devices and Client Apps

As technology continues to advance, incorporating online signatures into Excel documents has become essential.

Regardless of the device you use—be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone—there are various methods available to help you embed your online signature into Excel files seamlessly.

Here, we will explore different techniques that will enable you to add your online signature from various devices and client applications.

1. Microsoft 365 Online (Web-based Excel)

You can easily add your signature to an Excel document in Microsoft 365 Online with these steps :

  • Open your spreadsheet and identify where you want to position your signature on the document.
  • Click on Insert ➜ Image ➜ Insert an image in the cell.
  • You can either create a signature simply using a textbox option or upload the image of your signature. We recommend you upload the saved image of your signature to create a more professional signature.
  • Add your online signature to the Excel document and save it.

2. Online/Third-Party Software:

This is an excellent method to create signatures that can be accessed from various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, smartphones, etc. Follow these simple steps to insert a signature:

  • Convert your Excel document into PDF format with freely available online tools like Smallpdf, iLovePDF, etc.
  • Next with the Online Drawing Tools such as Pixlr, Canva, or an online paint tool, draw your signature or upload an already available one.
  • Customize and save the signature as an image file (e.g., PNG or JPEG).
  • Insert the signature image in Excel ➜ Insert ➜ Text ➜ Signature.
  • Save your Excel document.

3. Mobile Devices/Tablets:

You can easily add your signature to an Excel document using mobile devices on the go with these steps :

  • Create your signature using an online drawing app and annotation tools or built-in drawing tools from your app store.
  • Save the image in JPG or PNG format.
  • Open the Excel document on your handheld device.
  • Insert the Signature Image in Excel ➜ Insert ➜ Text ➜ Signature.
  • Save your Excel document to retain the inserted online signature.

Adding an online signature to an Excel document can be an absolute necessity, as it plays a vital role in various applications, be it business contracts or workbooks.

These methods always come in handy in such situations. We recommend you choose one of these methods based on your specific requirements.

How to Add a Signature in Excel Using a SignatureGenerator?

The user-friendly interface of SignatureGenerator makes the process of signature creation easy. Here is how you can add a signature in Excel using SignatureGenerator.

  1. Visit the SignatureGenerator platform.
  2. Use the ‘Draw by Hand’ method to draw your signature using your mouse or trackpad as shown below:

3. Use the ‘Type in’ method to type in your signature using your keyboard and click on the ‘Download PNG’ button to download your signature like below:

4. Save it or upload your signature to Excel by following the instructions above.


If you want a convenient and easy way to insert signatures on Excel, we have got you covered. Look no further.

SignatureGenerator is your trustworthy friend for creating a professional-looking signature that reflects your personal style and brand. It is the perfect choice for those who want a reliable way of creating beautiful signatures. Try it out now!


1. What is SignatureGenerator?

SignatureGenerator is an online signature platform for creating personalized and professional-looking signatures for free.

2. Does the SignatureGenerator need a login/sign-up?

SignatureGenerator has a user-friendly interface that does not require a login or sign-up.

3. How do I add a signature in Excel using SignatureGenerator?

You can create a signature either by uploading your signature image or by drawing it using a trackpad or mouse. It is then exported as an image file and inserted into your Excel document.

4. Is the platform free or do I have to pay for advanced features like other platforms?

SignatureGenerator is available online free of cost. It does not charge you for the advanced features.

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