How to Insert Signature in Pages: The Ultimate Guide

Do you often struggle when you are required to sign every document of your agreement? Sounds like a daunting task, isn’t it? But how do you do it?

Some applications allow you to insert signatures in Pages directly or indirectly. This blog will give you a simple walkthrough on how to insert signatures in Pages.

What are the Different Ways to Insert E-signatures in Pages?

It is easy to insert E-Signature in Pages. Let us look at the common ways to do it:

Method 1: Open your Pages document in iCloud.

1. Select Text Box from the toolbar.

2. Choose a text box style that you like.

3. Click inside the text box and type in your name or initials.

4. Use the Font and Size drop-down menus to change the font and size of your text.

5. Use the BoldItalic, and Underline buttons to format your text as desired.

6. Result

Method 2: Upload your signature image

You can upload your signature into Pages as an image. Here is how you do it:

1. Open your document and click on Images in the toolbar.

2. Click on Choose Media to upload an existing signature image.

3. Your Signature will get uploaded on the Pages document. You can customize it further by changing its style and adding a caption.

4. Result

Method 3: Using Third-Party Signature Generator Platforms

You can also add a signature to your Pages document using a third-party signature generator platform such as Signature Generator. Follow these simple instructions:

1. Open the online platform and create your signature using your preferred method either by typing or drawing as seen here:

2. The signature created below is then downloaded in PNG format.

3. This signature is then inserted into the Pages document. Place the cursor where you want the signature to be added.

4 To insert your signature click on Images in the toolbar and select Choose Image as we saw above. Save your document.

Not all methods are as accurate, professional, or secure as you like. However, you can be assured that these are the best ways to insert your signature in the Pages document. We recommend you choose one of these methods based on your specific requirements.

How to Create a Signature Using the SignatureGenerator Tool

The simple and user-friendly interface of SignatureGenerator makes the process of signature creation easy. With its help, you can easily insert personalised signatures in Pages. SignatureGenerator is a quick, easy, and efficient tool to create signatures.

Here are the steps involved in creating digital signatures with SignatureGenerator in detail:

Step 1

Go to the SignatureGenerator website on Chrome, Firefox, or any browser of your choice.

Step 2

You will be redirected to a user-friendly platform with different methods to create digital signatures.

Step 3(i)

Using the ‘Draw by Hand’ method:

You can personalize your signature and make it unique, simply by drawing it using your mouse or trackpad. While drawing it, ensure that your signature is clear and easy to read. Also, remember to keep it professional.

Step 3(ii)

Using the ‘Type in’ method:

In case you don’t want to draw by hand, you can simply type it using your keyboard. The tool will convert the typed text to a digital signature automatically. Lastly, choose a style for your signature that you like.

Step 4

You can format your signature or customize it with the help of available templates. Use Advance Setting to adjust the size of the font.

Step 5

Format your signature to suit your style. Once it is ready, click on the ‘Download PNG’ button to download your signature. This saves your signature in a PNG format on your system.

Step 6

Export your signature to your Pages document or any other client application of your choice by following simple instructions, as we saw above.

Some of the biggest advantages of using the SignatureGenerator are:

  • It does not require strong technical knowledge, making it incredibly easy to use.
  • It is easily available online for free and it does not require any signups or login.
  • Your information is safe and secure, as it is protected by industry-standard encryption protocols.


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to insert signatures on Pages, we have got you covered. SignatureGenerator is your trustworthy friend for creating a professional-looking signature that reflects your personal style and brand.

With SignatureGenerator you can customize signature images that can be exported to your Pages document in just a few clicks. It is the perfect choice for those who want a reliable way of creating beautiful signatures. Try it out now!


1. What is SignatureGenerator?

SignatureGenerator is an online signature platform for creating personalized and professional-looking signatures for free.

2. Does the SignatureGenerator need a login/sign-up?

SignatureGenerator has a user-friendly interface that does not require a login or sign-up.

3. How do I add a signature in Pages using SignatureGenerator?

You can create a signature either by uploading your signature image or by drawing it using a trackpad or mouse. It is then exported as an image file and inserted into your page’s document.

4. I am new to Pages. Can I add a signature to it without having any strong technical skills?

Yes, you can easily add your signature to your Pages document without any technical knowledge.

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